About the Registration Groups

The member companies of the three Registration Groups are cooperating to meet the requirements of the Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 (BPR) with respect to the approval of the three active substances for their relevant Product Types.
The inclusion dossiers were submitted in 2007 (in PT1-5 for Sodium Hypochlorite, PT 2-5 for Calcium Hypochlorite and PT 2, 5 for Chlorine) and 2008 (in PT11, 12 for Sodium Hypochlorite, PT11 for Calcium Hypochlorite and Chlorine) to the Rapporteur Member State Italy (now referred to as eCA Italy). Find a list of the defended Product Types here.
The active substances have meanwhile been approved in PT1-5 (sodium hypochlorite), PT2-5 (calcium hypochlorite) and PT2 and 5 (Chlorine), with the approval date 01/01/2019. The respective BPC opinions, Assessment Reports and Legal Acts (Implementing Regulations) can be downloaded from the ECHA website:


The dossiers for PT 11 and 12 are being updated according to the requests from the eCA. Based on the update by the Registration Groups, the eCA will prepare its daft CAR and submit to ECHA. The latest date for the eCA Italy to submit the draft CARs to ECHA is 31 December 2022. The update will also include a full assessment of the ED properties of the active substances.

The Registration Groups are open to accept New Members or to grant Letters of Access for inclusion on the Article 95 List. 

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